First-Timer Interactive Installation Epic Fail/Hail! at Ignite EyeO 2014

EyeO Festival is a conference where artists, designers and coders “Converge to Inspire,” not to mention my all time favorite. I’ve attended EyeO for the past 3 years. The amazing projects I’ve seen inspired me to follow my dream i.e. got together with friends and did our first public interactive installation with Kinect. Coming from a web/app development background, it felt like a shot in the dark.

My talk, “First-Timer Interactive Installation Epic Fail Hail!”, was accepted as one of the finalists at Ignite EyeO 2014. I used the stage to tell a story of what it was like to be a first-timer. How to succeed or fail gracefully in my case. The project I touched on is called The Puppetron. The installation was a part of Ann Arbor’s FoolMoon festival. Although it’s a very very simple Kinect game, it withstood 50-mph wind, rain, snow, hail, etc.

I spoke in front of a thousand audiences, a lot of whom are my role models. It was nerve racking but well worth it!

The presentation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Annie Wolock and my fellow Toastmasters at SpeakOUT. Thak you!

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