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What Was There

What Was There

What Was There is a virtual time machine that allows users to navigate streets as they appeared in the past. It leverages the latest technology and concepts that were available in 2009 (e.g. iPhone and Augmented Reality) to provide a new user experience of time and space.

Historic Marker at Ashley and Washington: “Germans in Ann Arbor” by The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Inspired by historical markers around Ann Arbor, my team developed 2 portals: a website and an iPhone app through the Agile Development process. The website allows users to upload and place photos online. Users can also cross-fade between past and present against Google Street View. On iPhone, users are able to locate photos nearby through GPS and CoreLocation. This specific cross-fade is implemented through the camera against an actual build.

My Responsibilities
  • Ideated and presented concept and prototype to the stakeholders
  • Designed user flow and interaction
  • Implemented iOS application
  • Deployed the app to the App Store